So, WTF is GraffSpotting?


It doesn't matter if you are a 'letters purist', a 'ohh that's pretty' kinda person or one of those 'I love street art but I hate that tagging shit' kinda person.


Graffspotters come in all shapes and sizes, all are welcome here!


Just simply add the #Graffspotting to any of your social posts and spread the word about the hobby we all love - GraffSpotting!


(P.S. We love getting tagged in pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too)


GraffSpotting is as simple as:

See it - Shoot it - Share it

  • Do you go out with your camera and find yourself just taking pics of graffiti and street art?  

  • Can you identify an artist just by their hand-style?

  • Do you love sharing the beautiful pictures you take on social media?


Then welcome to the crew - you're a GraffSpotter!

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