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My First Digbeth Dining Club Experience 1/2

So, my first Digbeth Dining Club Experience and my first Dead Pixels – all in one night! A wicked little ‘two-fer’ if you ask me!


The first task for this idiot was to find the actual place. After not being given any specifics and discovering the postcode brought me out just down the road, I used my initiative and urned to the GPS on my phone. Either I’m going to compound my idiocy by saying this – or ring some familiar bells for some folk – but I drew a blank as everything was telling me I was definitely in the right spot.


Maxwell Jay

Canvas @ The Hare and Hounds

Canvas @ The Hare and Hounds


Canvas @ The Hare and HoundsA massive thank you to Ruth Porter of Ruth Porter Illustrations for inviting me along to Canvas @ The Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath.


After ordering a fine pint of UBU by Purity I made my way upstairs to the function room where Canvas was making a come back.


What can I say other than the art on the night was awesome! I turned up a little later on than I had planned as I was working late but upon my arrival I was stunned by what I saw.


Maxwell Jay

A long time in the making!

GraffSpotting PhotoGraff Birmingham Feza Jpeg River Rea So, it has been a long time in the making but the site is finished! Well, to a fashion.

The reason it’s been a long time in the making is because I’ve been doing what I can to earn some money basically. Life, as it usually does has thrown me a few curveballs this last few months which have meant I’ve not really had time to sit down and get the site written. Living the dream doesn’t come easy when you are flat broke and out of work, as we all know.

Well, far from the doom and gloom, I’ve managed to find myself some part-time hours working at a pub, not much but it keeps the wolf from the door and gives me some time to myself, more time to get out with my camera!

Nikon D300s DLSR CameraTalking of getting out with the camera, I’ve been able to update both camera and computer against all odds. A crafty bit of begging and borrowing all in the quest for quality!

I’m now rocking a Nikon D300s and a MacBook Pro. Both about 4 years old but hey, at least I can get mobile now and I’m not tied to my flat if I want to get down to some writing or uploading photos.

Thanks to the guys at my local Cash Generator, eagle eyes and a knack for haggling only a man with Mediterranean blood could master!


Ok, and some good friends and a very special someone! Cheers folks you know who you are!

From now on updates shall be more regular, no more long breaks! I’ll update the blog at least weekly even if only to link up my latest GraffSpotting pics!

Also, while I’m on a roll I realise that the site doesn’t look as polished as it could as I’m only a half-skilled amateur when it comes to WordPress. It’s taken hours of YouTubing to get this far, so with that said I invite any help from a more skilful WordPress master if it is available.

Please get in touch via Email please! Alternatively get in me through social media channels.


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Maxwell Jay

This is all I need… Time.

So life has go a bit lack lustre recently, my 9 to 5 turned into a daily grind. Sleepless nights fell into half awake days, not good for mind or body… This is all I need…

This is all I need - Photograph AME Graffiti Birmingham Canal 'Never Say Die'Thankfully I’ve been gifted a release from my daily torture. My probation period at work has not be extended… Goodbye backbiting, bitchy world of insurance where friendship means fuck all and doggie dines on doggie… Fingers burnt, lessons learned… I will re-build and I will overcome!

This last week I have been mainly sitting in front of my computer learning, well trying my best to, any who… Learning new skills and new techniques, brushing up on all the changes which have happened with Facebook and Twitter, new SEO techniques. Frequent distractions are a pain in the arse, the usually come in the form of Facebook notifications or a quick browse of eBay, I must train myself out of these bad habits! Focus more, wander less. Manage my time, be better.

This is all I need - FTW Graffiti Birmingham CanalI’ve managed to get out and about with my camera too which I’ve been itching to do for a few weeks… A pursuit I can actually indulge and expand upon now I have the time! This is all I need! Time to relax but not get lazy, time to be creative but not day dream, time to let my brain breath and grow, time to stop destroying what has take years to cultivate!

This is all I need, Time to step up and do all of the things I’ve dreamed of and hoped for, Time to grab my life by the balls and make it work for me, this time.

Time to be my own boss, time to do it for myself. Time to step-up, make no excuses and do it!

This is all I need - Photograph Graffiti Birmingham Canal Tragic Tricke