The Fair-Share Project:

Get your Fair-Share!

What is The Fair-Share Project for artists? 


In today's fast-paced society too many people have the perception that business has to be dog-eat-dog to be successful. This often results in artists like you being exploited for your art and given a raw deal. The Fair-Share Project for artists aims to change this because ...


We don't think like this here at Graffspotting HQ!


We believe that collaboration is key, that is working together with like-minded, forward-thinkers will yield better results for us all.


That is why The Fair-Share Project for artists was conceived! 


  • Do people express interest in your work, but you're not sure if that will translate into actual sales?

  • Would you like to make money from your art without the risk and upfront cost of ordering and printing t-shirts?

  • Have you forked out for a batch of tees to be printed in the past and been stuck with a load of extras in odd sizes?


We have the solution:

The Fair-Share Project For Artists


Design - You send us a unique design which you would like to offer to the project, your fans and family.


Promote - We co-promote the design though social media. Though our combined reach on our social platforms we can reach more people than we would individually.


Share - We then share the profits 50/50 straight down the middle.


As an added bonus - for every 10 pre-sales we get we will gift you two extra tees for you to do as you please. We will also give you 20% discount on a sticker order just for taking part.

Sounds like a project you'd like to get your teeth into?

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"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

- Walt Disney