February 1, 2017 Maxwell Jay

Looking for a business grant in Wolverhampton? Here how we got a few hundred quid towards a new project!


How do you grow if you have no money?


Money is tight for most of us after the festive season and getting a new business idea off the ground can be a struggle in these lean times. So, here is a quick little guide to how we got a small business grant in Wolverhampton.

All the gear and no idea? Get a clue here…


A few months back We sought some advice from a local employment and employability provider called Access 2 Business who offer a wide variety of services to either find people work or give people the skills and structure to set out on their own path to self-employment.


For me, they offered a short course of workshops which were aimed at giving a structured idea of how to run a business for yourself – from writing your business plan to how to do your books! All things we desperately needed help with in order to get a bit of funding to develop a new idea and expand the business a bit more.


Real information with no BS!


The course is structured to give really good insight into areas we hadn’t even thought of before. They covered subjects like business finance (how to get a business grant in Wolverhampton too), marketing & social media, HMRC/HMRC self assessment, legal requirements and business planning. All things we needed to know about as we had never run a business before!


The best thing about it, it was aimed at educating people – not robots! All the staff were great people with real industry experience. This made us felt like we were getting real information – not just parrot fashion dribble to tick boxes. They even offer a business club and a opportunity to attend a business networking session too! All in all, well worth the three mornings we attended!


Come on hurry up and tell me how to get a business grant in Wolverhampton


Anywho, before we go on too long! We had the benefit of being assigned a business mentor – Carole – this is how we actually got access to a business grant in Wolverhampton. Carole – through her work with Access 2 Business – works closely with Wolverhampton council and has her finger on the pulse when it comes to funding and how to get hold of it!


She heard of a small grant opportunity that the council were offering to businesses that had an idea they wanted to put into place but were lacking the funds to do it and put me in touch with the right people to get it. It was a small case of filling out a form and outlining what our business was about, why we needed the money and what we would do with it.


Need to talk to someone in the know?


Should you need some advice on self-employment, business finance and how to access a business grant in Wolverhampton you can give Access 2 Business a call on: 01902 572397 for help with employment or 01902 572398 for help with self-employment.


business grant in Wolverhampton


 I will say this now, I have been informed that this funding is coming to an end and is in short supply so at the time you read this it may well have gone already. So if you have an idea in your head, act fast!

Picture from Acces 2 Business website.


So what are these plans then?


What exactly are you going to be using your grant for? You may well ask, we’ll let you know later this week but if you are an artist or graphic designer, you may want to subscribe to the blog be the first to hear about it! It’s free and simple so what have you got to lose?


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