February 7, 2017 Maxwell Jay

Call To Artists And Designers – Free T-Shirt Printing

Right then, now we have your attention we’d like to let you in on the new project that we have been cooking up since last year! The talking is done, the fine details have been ironed out and this is what we have come up with – FREE T-SHIRT PRINTING

 – well sort of!


Graffspotting started out with the idea of putting the raw talent that we see on our streets into the spotlight. Getting talented writers, artists and designers the recognition they deserve. The type of people with real talent but lack the funds to drop on promotion. We realise that we have lost sight of this goal over the last year and are looking to get back on track with this project!


No dough to throw?


free t-shirt printingOne of the biggest barriers to getting tees printed is the wedge you have to drop in the beginning – you can read about how we solved our funding struggle in our Last Blog. What can happen after can be a bit of a ball ache too. You pay for your tees to get printed and get stuck with a load in odd sizes. They end up in a box in a cupboard and forgotten about. Which means you end up losing some of that hard-earned cash you forked out in the beginning.


Here at GSHQ we know the struggle is real and have come up with a solution which we think works out great for everyone!


We are offering you folks a Profit Share Partnership and some Free T-Shirt Printing.


We have the tools and the skills to make high quality hand screened t-shirts. You folks have the artistic talent to produce stunning designs – why not stick to what we know best and collaborate?


Collaboration is the key to getting on and getting up in the world, it reduces costs for all of us and allows us to reach audiences who may not have found us previously.


As they say ‘No man is an island‘, right?


For the last few months, we have been speaking with like-minded creatives in and around the midlands and we think we may have worked out a way for everyone to get a fair share!


Don’t worry we wont go on too long, this is the bit where you find out how to get free t-shirt printing!


This is how it works, you supply us with a one or two colour design you would like us to produce.


We will both work together to promote this design through our social channels for one month and make it available for pre-order at a discounted ‘backer rate’. At the end of the month we will print all of the pre-ordered shirts. After costs, we split all the profits 50/50  from pre-orders and any future orders.


As you have probably read our First Blog of the year you’ll already know that we are donating 20% of our profits to Birmingham Homeless Outreach to help them to carry out the great work they do – feeding the homeless of Birmingham.


“But wait there’s more…”

There has to be a kicker…


For every 10 tees we get pre-orders for we will give you 2 for FREE. You can sell these through your Facebook, Bigcartel shop or where ever you would like!


How does all this sound up to now, great yea?


If ALL of this wasn’t a good enough deal, we have another little money saver. As we are a specialist eggshell sticker printer – we will give you a 20% discount on your next sticker order too.


Now, if this isn’t the best printing offer in the world please tell us!


We already have a few local heads working on some sick original designs for us and because of how awesome this deal is we can only offer it to another 15 more artists. So, if you like the sound of this get in touch through our Contact Page and put ‘COLLAB-BRO?’ in the subject. We will message you back with more details and to arrange a chat.


**You will always retain the rights to any images you provide us, we will never reproduce any images without your express permission**


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Could you also leave a comment below to tell us what you think of this idea? Good or bad we want to know!