Fair Share – Studio Update – Plaster, Paint and Projects!

April 20, 2017 Maxwell Jay

Plaster, Paint and Projects!


Sorry we’ve been off the grid again but it is with good cause! We have been busy beavering away at the studio working on the profit share project as our grant has actually hit the bank now, check out the blog about that here.
Also, the other massive change at GSHQ is we’ve finally had the walls re-plastered and painted – but not yet ‘painted’ if you catch our drift? A 40 tonne truck ladened with steel backed into the building last yer and smashed it all to hell. Well, the landlord finally got his act together and arranged for a builder to come around and fix it. So it has been all go moving the studio around, having workmen in and finally repainting!



Blog-UPDATE-Stickers-1This all took a bout a week or so of messing around which really threw us off our stride – never-the-less – we still managed to knock out a run of jumpers for BHO to keep their volunteers toasty!

New Tings & Big Tings


Another awesome development which has been in the pipe for a while has now materialised!




We got sent a massive sticker pack from King Rid of the Brass Knuckles Crew, New York City. It was freaking mental!!! Massive selection of handies, screen printed vinyl and printed stickers. Not to mention the 10 BRICKS OF 228s, blue tops and a heap of other goodies.


We feel like the Tony Montana of 228s at the moment which is good news for all you UK slap heads!





Blog-UPDATE-Stickers-2We don’t usually do international sticker swaps but this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. It’s also a bit of good fortune we would like to pass on to all our customers!
From now – until they run out – we will be dropping some 228s as a bonus on any orders has thru the store! If you haven’t quite got the bank to blow on a sticker order just yet, we are making small quantities available to buy too but stocks will be limited – you can check them out here.




All is going full speed ahead with this – we’ve had some great submissions from some amazingly talented folks and we’re really excited to say that e’ll be releasing our first design at the end of the month!


We still have spots left for any talented creatives that would like to participate too. Just send us a message through our contact page and use the subject ‘COLLAB-BRO?’


If you are wondering what this is all about please read out previous blog here.



Artists are usually an exploited bunch, undervalued and for the most part underpaid. We are trying to change this. Our over all aim is to give everyone a ‘fair share’ we thought we’d change the name of the project too. Let us introduce to you ’The Fair-Share Project’ – really original, we know! 😉


If you’d like to get a ‘Fair-Share’ of the profit from your creativity then check out THE BLOG and get in touch.




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