January 20, 2017 Maxwell Jay

Birmingham Homeless Outreach – As temperatures drop, these folks don’t stop!

I’m writing this sat snugly in my warm studio, coffee in hand and lounging in my comfortable chair. Outside the window the weather is a stark contrast – I’m looking out on a grey day with a biting wind, slush from last night’s snow slowly melting. Going outside into the harsh conditions would not be an attractive prospect…


Unfortunately, for the homeless of Birmingham and the volunteers of the Birmingham Homeless Outreach braving the freezing temperatures is the only option. It has been all over the news recently that as financial support for homeless services is cut the amount of rough sleepers across the country has soared, most of whom do not have access to the financial and social support which many of us take for granted.


Birmingham Homeless Outreach


Photos by: Henriette Lang Photography and arranged by Sukhs on behalf of BHO


All too familiar facts brought to light by the tragic discovery of one rough sleeper who had passed away at the end of last year, propped up against a roller shutter behind the newly redeveloped Grand Central Station – all at a time where people were bustling round the busy German Christmas Market. He was one of many unfortunate enough to meet their end this way.


I was only made aware of Birmingham Homeless Outreach by pure happenstance, they were looking for some printed ‘Hi-Viz’ vests to equip their volunteers with, I was tagged into a Facebook post by a mutual friend of mine and one of Birmingham Homeless Outreach’s volunteers to see if I could do them a discounted price as the budget was limited.


After being told about the good work they do for the homeless of Birmingham – supplying food, warm clothes, bedding, a friendly ear to confide in and even finding temporary and permanent accommodation for them too – I was more than happy to help out in any way I could!



Rik James – a man who knows the horrors of rough sleeping first hand – set up Birmingham Homeless Outreach back in 2010 to provide the homeless of Birmingham the basic necessities of food, warm clothes and bedding. They currently rely on charitable donations of these items, peoples’ time and money in order to provide the services but times are hard and there is always more hard work to do.


As I wasn’t in a financial position to donate the total amount of the materials, I offered all design and set-up time to them for free and even managed to do a run of free t-shirts too – it was the most I could do.


However, I would like to do more – so I’m making this offer: I will personally be donating 20% of all of my profits from any orders I get until the end of March. I would also like to arrange some fund raising events over the next few months to raise the profile of BHO and the worthy work they do.


Birmingham Homeless Outreach need your donations! At a time where funding for homeless services have been cut by half and with the problem of homelessness doubling, now more than ever your time and generosity are desperately needed…

Bringing smiles to the streets of Birmingham: Rik and a massive group of volunteers hit the streets distributing food and warm clothing.


Birmingham Homeless Outreach

Photo collage provided by Michala one of the BHO volunteers .





Rik James direct on: 07444 610 251






If you’d like to spend some time with the charity volunteer where it matters most on the streets of Birmingham details are as follows:
DAYS: Rik & the team meet every night (365 days a year)
TIME: Meet at 8pm (Mon-Sat) & 6pm (Sun)
PLACE: At the market (also known as the old rag market) next to St Martins Church by the bullring Birmingham, B5 5BB.
The team stay at the market area for a short time supplying much needed food, clothes, drinks etc. At approximately 9.15pm Rik takes those who wish to go on a walk around the streets of Birmingham supplying these much needed donations, aiming to finish by approximately 11.30pm.




The charity welcomes all donations from people far and wide, we rely on donations to support the homeless people of Birmingham each day & couldn’t do what we do without it.

Please see the picture below for a list of the kind of items the charity will accept, this is not comprehensive & if you have anything you think may be useful to those living on the streets please feel free to donate.

If you’ve got anything you’d like to donate please contact them so they can arrange a local team to come and collect items from you!

Crowd Funding


Some of their volunteers have set up a crowd funding page to support there efforts which you can find HERE

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this article, please consider spending some of your time supporting this very worthwhile cause!