Author: Maxwell Jay

June 17, 2017 Maxwell Jay

So on the advice of a few people we started a YouTube channel and posted one of the videos from FB on there – TAKE A LOOK! 😀     It’s only a short video shot on a mix of iPhone 7 and my crappy old Nikon D300s but everyone has to start somewhere hey?…

April 20, 2017 Maxwell Jay

Plaster, Paint and Projects!   Sorry we’ve been off the grid again but it is with good cause! We have been busy beavering away at the studio working on the profit share project as our grant has actually hit the bank now, check out the blog about that here.

February 7, 2017 Maxwell Jay

Call To Artists And Designers – Free T-Shirt Printing Right then, now we have your attention we’d like to let you in on the new project that we have been cooking up since last year! The talking is done, the fine details have been ironed out and this is what we have come up with –…